Useful Information

Light in weight yet relatively strong, aluminium and aluminium alloys provide a comparatively low cost solution to multiple manufacturing requirements. Easy to work and machine, and with excellent resistance to corrosion, aluminium tends to be the most popular choice among non-ferrous metals when it comes to either general or high performance engineering. Different alloys have different degrees of strength or machinability, opening up a diverse range of applications. 

Example uses include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Structural engineering
  • Decorative features

Our extensive aluminium range includes:

  • Sheet, plate & section
  • Flat bar
  • Round bar

Whether you require a high level of purity or a more complex material with added percentages of copper, tin, manganese, or silicon, each type of form or extrusion is available in multiple grades.

As well as our standard stock, we can supply to the most exacting tolerances and specialist needs. More complex profiles can be provided to your exact specifications, held in stock and called off as required.

Aluminium has many properties that set it apart from other non-ferrous materials. In addition to a high level of elasticity and good conductivity, aluminium is also very easy to recycle.

Our wide range of size and profile combinations has afforded John Hood an excellent reputation as a leading supplier of aluminium to industry.

Let us know your application and we will be happy to find the right product for your individual manufacturing operation.