Useful Information

Of all the copper alloys, brass is probably the most widely used. Combining copper and zinc, it can be adapted for an even broader range of applications with the addition of other elements in minimal amounts to strengthen key properties. For instance, machinability, strength, and resistance to corrosion can all be enhanced by the inclusion of lead, aluminium, silicon, manganese and tin. Where cold forming is required, the reduction of alloying elements or lowering of the zinc level in the composition will improve ductility.

The flexibility to change properties opens up a variety of industrial uses including the plumbing, chemical, electrical, aerospace, marine, and automotive sectors.

Our extensive selection covers a multitude of sizes in numerous forms and grades.

Commonly stocked grades include:

  • Naval brass
  • Stamping brass
  • Low-lead brass
  • Free-machining brass
  • High-tensile brass
  • Dezincification-resistant brass
  • Riveting brass

Access to a global network of suppliers, together with the extensive stock resources available to us means that non-standard brass types or sizes can also be sourced for you.

If any brass product is not available ex-stock, we can obtain alternative materials which will meet or exceed your requirements.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in this section, please contact our UK-based sales teams who will be glad to assist you.