Stainless Steel

Useful Information

An alloy of iron, stainless steel contains chromium, carbon, manganese and silicon in variable percentages. It is sometimes augmented to increase other characteristics (such as corrosion resistance, strength and formability) with the addition of other elements including copper, tungsten, nickel or molybdenum. One of stainless steel’s key properties is longevity which make this highly versatile material suitable for a wide range of industries where products are required to perform in tough conditions for lengthy periods. Transport, catering, architectural features, energy generation, and the petrochemical sectors all benefit from stainless steel’s unique characteristics.

Multiple grades are available and it is vital to select the right specification and finish for the intended end usage. We therefore stock a vast range of stainless steel grades, forms and sizes in order to satisfy the mechanical and physical demands of each requirement. These range from magnetic martensitic and non-magnetic austenitic grades to duplex, super duplex, and precipitation hardened alloys.

Sourcing large quantities gives us excellent buying power and John Hood use only the highest quality stainless steel obtained from around the world. With extensive warehousing and processing facilities, we are able to meet tight delivery requirements at competitive prices.

Our stainless steel products are available in hexagon, round, sheet, plate and flat profiles and customers can take advantage of a comprehensive range of ancillary services including slitting, blanking, and the cutting of profiles from plate form.